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Sandra Z. 


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Cynthia G.

Share the wonder!

Use engaging patterns of nature to instill wonder. Discover and deCODE beautiful patterns with art, ecogames, origami, easy code, and natural wonders. A feeling of awe drives kids and their adults to learn coding, art, math, science and modeling (STEM and STEAM) in an integrated, adventurous, and beautiful way. 


  • A monthly kit of adventures exploring beautiful patterns of life, from the perspectives of all STEAM subjects

  • Eco-games, code, and art simulate spirals, stripes, flocks and other patterns in nature. See the patterns in real pine cones, shells, crystals, leaves, all included in the boxes

  • Includes easy access science-oriented games, drag-and-drop block code, stories and art activities for preteens, and also includes fascinating lessons for adults or teens

  • Each box comes with lessons for an adult or teen alone, or for a preteen with adult guidance. Ages 9 and up benefit most.

  • Like a forest walk or museum visit, Beautiful Discovery is accessible to all ages, yet endlessly stimulating the deeper one goes