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Want to stimulate a passion for art and science?  

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Beautiful Discovery

Awe-driven learning for 9+ age kids & their adults in a monthly box.


Master art & science by decoding nature's patterns

"All the science and art-related activities are engaging ... It’s truly a beautiful, unique, hands-on subscription and we love it!" Brandy 

Learn more intuitively, powerfully, and beautifully  


You've been searching for a way to:

🌻 kindle awe and wonder

🌻 instill a passion for S.T.E.M.

🌻 join art & science, making learning beautiful 


Get S.T.E.M. / S.T.E.A.M. skills by decoding nature's awesome patterns

"as a math teacher and art lover, I find these boxes to be the perfect fit in showing the connections between the two areas" Sandra 

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Perfect for home schooling or classrooms.  

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"My favorite subscription! ... as a math teacher and art lover, I find these boxes to be the perfect fit in showing the connections between the two areas. I searched (for weeks!) for something that would inspire my own lesson plans and this does exactly that. Thank you for the thought put into designing these activities. ... Thank you so much and please continue these - I look forward to many more boxes :)"

Sandra Z. 

"This is a really cool box. If you're someone like me who often has trouble grasping mathematical concepts as they are often taught in classrooms, then the contents of this box may help you or your student. It presents math concepts in ways that are concrete and hands-on. Everything inside is beautiful, too!" 

Rachel N.

"Beautiful Discovery Box lived up to its name! My kids indeed discovered beautiful things in this month’s box, including patterns found in nature and objects that represent symmetry. All the science and art-related activities are engaging and my kids had fun making the 3D models – they LOVED this box. The subscription even gave us access to a platform where kids can create patterns to help them visualize the discussed concepts! It’s truly a beautiful, unique, hands-on subscription and we love it!"  

Brandy, Hello Subscription

"This was a fabulous box for an older (I'd recommend 10+) STEM oriented child! My 11 year old son is very smart, loves Math, and has mild ASD (so in his case, patterns, codes, logic endlessly intrigues him). He had aged out of many of the other subscription crate options, and those that required complex fine motor/building skills (Tinker Crate, etc) were not his top strength. But the concepts here were new to him, and even enticed him to paint/draw/craft. This crate helped him decide STEAM (with the Art added) might be as great as STEM :) 5 stars! 

Nichole M

"We loved opening the first box and discovering all the items inside. The activities provided opportunities to discuss the natural world around us and the games were fun for all."

Laura S. 

"I got my 1st box today. It is packed full of interesting stuff. Good job! I look forward to future shipments."

Diane F.


"My kids and I love all the boxes we received! They really are beautiful discoveries! The packaging is enticing, the materials are beautiful, and the activities are all so unique. We are so glad we discovered this subscription, and we recommend it to everyone!

Cynthia G.

"I wanted to let you know how much my ten yr old granddaughter is enjoying her Discovery Box! After looking through the contents she immediately started to organize the contents. She made folders and labeled them and put the pictures in, She labeled boxes for shells and other items, and she made a T-chart to record her observations. She is enjoying it immensely! She was so excited to learn she will be receiving a new box next month! You've done a wonderful job!" 

Rhea B.

"I got the box as something for my niece and I to do together. We loved all of the lil things that came in the box. And we learned a lot to. It's a great way to introduce science, games, nature and art into a kids life, as well as, for us adults. Fun for all ages." 

Michelle L.