Feel school kills awe & curiosity? 

The solution:

Beautiful Discovery

Awe-driven learning for kids & their adults in a monthly box.


Feel you and your child have unrealized potential? 

Unleash your power. Get S.T.E.A.M. skills by decoding nature's awesome patterns. 

Awesome Patterns of Nature

inspired the greatest scientists, artists and designers. 

Einstein, da Vinci, Turing, Lloyd Wright, 

[insert your name here]. 

Share the wonder!

 with our monthly box for all ages, delivered to your door.

Tired of mindless memorization in math & science?

Find the hidden simplicity and elegance.

Learn in a more beautiful, intuitive way

How it works

Choose a plan of themed monthly boxes, as low as $24.99 /box & FREE SHIPPING.

Unbox beauty with awe & wonder. Unleash your new skills & powers.


"This is a really cool box. If you're someone like me who often has trouble grasping mathematical concepts as they are often taught in classrooms, then the contents of this box may help you or your student. It presents math concepts in ways that are concrete and hands-on. Everything inside is beautiful, too!" 

Rachel N.

"I got the box as something for my niece and I to do together. We loved all of the lil things that came in the box. And we learned a lot to. It's a great way to introduce science, games, nature and art into a kids life, as well as, for us adults. Fun for all ages." 

Michelle L. 

"We loved opening the first box and discovering all the items inside. The activities provided opportunities to discuss the natural world around us and the games were fun for all."

Laura S. 

"I got my 1st box today. It is packed full of interesting stuff. Good job! I look forward to future shipments."

Diane F.


"I wanted to let you know how much my ten yr old granddaughter is enjoying her Discovery Box! After looking through the contents she immediately started to organize the contents. She made folders and labeled them and put the pictures in, She labeled boxes for shells and other items, and she made a T-chart to record her observations. She is enjoying it immensely! She was so excited to learn she will be receiving a new box next month! You've done a wonderful job!" 

Rhea B.