Discover! Decode! 

Discover & deCODE beautiful patterns in your world with science, natural treasures, eco-games and critical thinking. Create patterns with art, origami, code and game models. Play and see patterns emerge. We integrate STEM (and STEAM) subjects so you get skills easily. Our brains are natural pattern decoders, so you learn in a visual, fun and intuitive way.


Play & Learn by Decoding Beautiful Patterns:

Discovery & deCODING kits


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Monthly kits exploring beautiful patterns, from the perspectives of all STEAM subjects


See spirals, stripes, and flocks emerge in plants, animals, and social behavior

Patterns emerging

Create patterns with art, origami, code and game models


Discovery & deCODING kits


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Is it only for younger kids?

Kids as young as five will enjoy your Discover and deCODE kit. Yet, with your tool kit, you can build models of great sophistication. So our kits are not just for kids, but are for adults too: A college student, job-seeker, parent, grandparent, home-schooler or teacher might subscribe. Your subscription kit makes learning an awesome experience for the whole family, for the price of going to the movies